Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasy Sports


Are you guys interested in fantasy sports? I am selling memberships but more on that in a minute. Right now I want to know if you guys actually participate in polls, fantasy leagues, prediction contest, that sort of thing.

While in grad school we studied some of the sports marketing businesses and they are making big money. I find during the lock out talk the activity declined. Do you think it will pick back up? For my pocket's sake, I sure do hope so. But, also it fosters camaraderie I believe. Makes people want to interact with each other. I find the internet a fascinating place because people would otherwise not know each other can become friends. This is great to me. Right now I'm working on networking. I was wondering, do people network while engaging in fantasy sports online? What are your thoughts. I would love to know.

Oh and be sure to tell me what your favorite fantasy sport is.

As always,

Love ya,

Sara Jo

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